Exciting Event Happening Soon!

With the Fourth of July coming up, there are celebrations happening beforehand. Food trucks, arts and crafts, concerts, and bounce houses are available at 4p.m. to 11p.m. of July 3rd to July 4th.

Activites Available

Food Options

Music and Famous Singers

On top of all of that, there is going to be fireworks of all kinds at the end of each day starting today to July 4th. Masks are not required but it's highly recommended along with less physical contact and frequent hand washing. The events are open to the public so anyone can come to have some fun and celebrate. There will be a 50ft flag to show where the stands will be including activities for kids and adults combined. The mayor exclaims, With the various number of stands, it's nearly impossible to get bored. There are free bubble wands, ceramic statues, bead bracelets, and potted plants available to play with and to take home. There will be event coordinators with puppet shows to comedic acts at the south side of the bridge. There are both cold foods and hot foods spicy and sweet. From all cultures and backgrounds, the are both snacks and meals available at low and affordable prices. There will be Italian sausages, snow cones, crab cakes, Pão de queijo (cheese bread), clam chowder, juicy burgers, and much more. Remember to dispose your trash at the nearby trash cans decorated by the high school students last month. All stands will have allergy concerns next to the paying window to ensure the safety of the people. Many of our beloved local businesses are coming out to celebrate so make sure to have an appetite because there’s going to be a lot of foods to try! The music performance will include featuring some of our local artists and singer ending off with Marshmellow and the Jonas Brothers. Tickets will be available to pay for at the entrance with cash and credit. Any type of songs are welcomed and if there is time at the end, anyone can sign up for free to sing a song or preform karaoke on stage. The famous singers will preform at 6:00p.m. sharp on stage north of the bridge at the outdoor stadium. T-shirts and autographs can be bought at the stand outside. Take a seat and enjoy the music that will connect to speakers at the stands and activities.