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Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin is a mix of a sheep and a dog type that is the king of Fruitland. He loves the fruit blueberry and has a whole garden of it in the royal garden runned by dog gardeners. He is related to his daughter Strawberry Shortcake, his sister Sydney Mouse, and everyone else in the land. He tries his best to take care of his land but his obsession of food causes him to spend most of his time at the most famous bakery in Fruitland runned by Petlie. Blueberry is very flexible and likes to perform tricks sometimes. He talks in a very low voice and is as flat as a pancake. Blueberry is loved by many of his citizens is also half robot. He's learning how actually to be king and do better things for his land. He welcomes many guest whenever they arrive and takes them on tours to meet new people. He also has officiated many wedding before and is married himself to his queen. He cared a lot about people's feelings and does spontaneous things to make others laugh.