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Annalise Ho

Annalise Ho is a soon to be 9th grader born in February 11, 2021. She likes to do arts and crafts, math, food, and hanging out with friends. She's the youngest child in her family of Vietnamese people so she can speak both English and Vietnamese. She likes to listen to many different types of songs and just chill around on her bed. Annalise wants to open up her on business in the future to be an entrepreneur. She been in Susquehanna Township her whole life and never travelled out of the country. She would love to travel to Bora Bora, Paris, and Hawaii when she grows up. During times of stress, she tends to fidget to keep her mind busy. Even with her habits of procrastinating, she tends to always get her work done at the last minute. Annalise is still trying to figure out what path to take in the future to reach her goal so she stays optimistic.